What is cross-industry innovation?

Digitisation will continue to disrupt business as we know it. If you are a founder or entrepreneur or leading a team you are probably redefining the way your business works as we speak. This is where cross-industry innovation comes in: it is a more radical way of creating something new by connecting industries, disciplines and skill sets that – in the past – didn’t go together. 

Cross-industry innovation is about finding perfect new matches. It is what happens when, for example, Extended Reality (XR) and robotics enter the operating room or when young Fintechs work with established financial services companies to create entirely new business models or processes. It’s also the reason why 3D printers and wearables are revolutionizing the shop floor as we know it.  

It’s a match: real life examples of cross-industry innovation in Bavaria.

In short: cross-industry innovation is good for business because it’s helping to build the future. Bavarians like it for this very reason – and it may just be the reason why cross-industry innovation in Bavaria is an exciting opportunity for you.  

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This is why Bavaria is so good at cross-industry innovation.

In Bavaria, leaving silo-thinking behind to forge unusual partnerships to innovate and drive business is not an entirely new concept. There are multiple factors behind Bavaria’s transformation into a hotbed for cross-industry innovation over the past 10 years. Here are the top four reasons:

Diverse business opportunities 

Bavaria is one of the most successful and multifaceted manufacturing locations in Europe. It’s also home to strong non-industrial sectors such as financial services, logistics and healthcare. This diversity creates unique cross-industry business opportunities. 


Effective networks 

Bavaria has always had a knack for connecting entrepreneurs and established companies as well as involving academic research, government and investors to drive innovation. 

Access to talent 

Bavaria is home to some of the world’s leading universities and research institutions and boasts a first-class higher education system. Vocational training and dual-study programmes also offer solid skills and hands-on experience from the start. 


Glocal perspectives 

The strong presence of non-native global players in Bavaria alone helps you connect with international markets. Bavarian companies have a strong connection with their home turf but also have a long, established tradition of looking beyond their home markets. 

Want to know more about why Bavaria is a hotbed for innovation? Download your free copy of our cross-industry innovation whitepaper today.

See Bavarian cross-industry innovation in action.

Find out what's happening in the field of cross-industry innovation in Bavaria – from XR to cybersecurity to life sciences:  

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